Today, I will explain the reason behind the creation of the Ael bracelet. I could have talked about another product or a specific design of the brand, but in front of the craze for this jewel, a written explanation is essential

“Ael” means the angel in Breton.  If I called it like this, it’s for its simple design with small feathers.  It allows you to have a bit of luck, intuition, guardian angel or star, in short, what we all have close to our heart and what we often forget.  This is the intention that I personally put into this jewel but everyone can put what they want into it, it makes it a little more unique and personal.This is the name that I found the most appropriate for this special item.  I created it 4 years ago already although I have only started offering it now.   It’s a simple, colorful bracelet that easily fits all kinds of outfits and other jewelry. Its discreet efficiency is flagrant and its different colors allow all fantasies to flow. It is really very easy to wear!

The story behind its creation: as soon as I saw the materials that compose it, it instantly came together in my mind and the assembly of the prototype came even faster! The materials and proportions came together in a logical and obvious way.  But even if it is a simple bracelet, several stages are involved in its manufacturing.

First step: I make them myself in my workshop in the heart of Brittany near the coast, by special request or according to my passions for color. I always spend a special moment assembling this little gem, I love to prepare the materials, the workspace in the intimate atmosphere in which I will work. I put myself in a good mood and I get started! The end result is my little happiness of the day! An explosion of color in my workspace.

Second step: I start the photo shoot! As for the editing, I wait for the right moment, the right light, I start clicking and taking the pictures.  Through the lens, I see the bracelet through a new light, I like to photograph it alone or in a context where it offers even more opportunities for mixing colors and genres.

Third step: If the situation allows it, I slip it around the wrist of the person to whom it is destined! This is the moment that I really enjoy because I feel like sharing an emotion more than a simple object.  And once worn, its rendering is different but the effect remains the same, as well as the emotion that I feel when it is on the wrist of its owner. So naturally the different models began to see the day!  The collection of necklaces and earrings is under preparation, some models have already been finalized, inspired by Tibetan‘Malas’collections and other traditions, they will be available before the summer, some models are already available on social networks. As I love the mixture of materials, they will be mainly made of wood beads, semi-precious stones and colors, with of course the Ael spirit and traditions that are so dear to my heart.  I hope you like it as much as the first model which seduced you!