Let me introduce myself : Emma Cooper, creator and founder of the brand Kastell Ker, designer of objects and jewelry. I like the material, the objects, the fashion, the beautiful things, the world … I like inventing, photographing, making what I can not find, turning an idea into reality … In short, I use the material and the colors to give life to all my desires !


I come from a Breton family settled in Finistere for more than 2 centuries, I am proud of my origins, I love my region for all the beauty it brings us everyday and for its nobility. Creative in the soul and since my childhood, I like things of quality, simple and elegant. Brittany has all these virtues in my eyes, and it is through my creations that I try to represent it, because it does not need frills and much to be what it is. Her nobility speaks for itself, with its landscapes, its culture, its history. It is a beautiful region, beautiful, dignified and open to the world. It is this representation of beauty that I strive to integrate into my designs, I keep the symbols and I adapt them to my vision of the world of today, by mixing simple codes like the typical French classic prints and the triskeles for example. This is my way of representing my region that I love so much and whose variations of light keep touching me. I make the majority of the products myself in Landerneau, in a workshop that I created. I am convinced of “made in France” and I aspire to create direct or indirect jobs in this region so dear to my heart. That’s why I collaborate with local, regional or French companies as soon as my area of ​​expertise is limited.


I also have a passion for Chinese Yi Jing, which I discovered by starting a personal practice in a traditional Chinese school, the DaXuan school more specifically, represented by Serge Augier, my Teacher, thanks to whom I did not ceased to evolve since our meeting. His different teachings have allowed me (and still allow me) access to valuable ancestral knowledge and culture as well as deeper knowledge of myself. I began to revise the courses by drawing the hexagrams in color, and little by little, my fascination for the Yi Jing never stopped growing and impressing me. This is where I decided to create designs and objects that pay tribute to him. I revisit his characters with jewels, objects, in short, all the supports that inspire me and that can embellish our home and our daily life in a colorful, elegant and modern way ! Because in addition to working on the graphic side, I try to materialize with all the respect it deserves and that we owe him ! It’s a fabulous mix of science, calculation and mysticism that has been a revelation to me ! It will be the subject of an article soon as it is exciting.


Otherwise, I find the cultural diversity of our world wonderful, and it is for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration! Other collections will soon be available, as a tribute to countries I have visited that are more than just a vacation: they are an incredibly rewarding experience. These trips are for me source of creativity ! And I want to transmit this cultural wealth through unique creations. That’s why Kastell Ker exists: Thanks to my origins, my family heritage, my taste for creation, my love for Brittany, my personal practice that allowed me to go beyond my fears, but also and especially thanks to my friend, engaged and partner who manages everything that is not creative within the company. His management ability and wise comments helped balance the workshop. But above all, his support gave me wings and opened the field of possibilities.


It is thanks to all this that I can express my vision and share it in the world ! The adventure Kastell Ker is just beginning, may our products bring you happiness of Brittany, and if you do not know our region, do not hesitate to come to see it, we can understand it only when it is visited.